There are many ways to create colour and freshness to your home. You can build some variety by adding accent pillows and artwork to your living spaces or by making a feature wall. Fresh greenery can also help you brighten up your home with plants and flowers.

GETTING STARTED WITH INDOOR PLANTSBefore jumping in head first, you may want to consider a few things before making a trip to your local garden centre. If you aren’t used to plants in your daily life already, remember that they need a little care and maintenance. But don’t worry it doesn’t have to be complicated. Ask yourself a few questions to help you conduct a little research, such as:
  • What do you know about plants?How much time would you like to dedicate to maintaining them?What types of plants do you prefer in your home?
  • Remember, with the right plan of action and a little TLC some plants can last for 10 years or more!THREE LOW MAINTENANCE PLANT OPTIONS FOR BEGINNERSIf you’re new to having plants in your home, we’ve come up with a few options that add a little texture and diversity to your space.

    SNAKE PLANTThe Snake Plant doesn’t need much light or water. It generally likes to have soil that is on the dryer side rather than being evenly watered and moist at all times. However, if you have pets, this plant could become poisonous if ingested so be mindful of where you locate this plant in your home.

    TILLANDSIA (AIR PLANT)The Tillandsia doesn’t require soil. In fact, you would suspend this plant in a glass vase with filtered water for 2-3 hours every 2-3 weeks. Many air plant owners feature this plant suspended in a variety of ways. It lives best in direct sunlight. If you choose this plant, put on your thinking cap and get creative about where and how to place it when it’s not being watered!CACTUSCacti plants like direct sunlight but make sure they are not right next to the window to prevent them from burning up in the summertime. They do like to be watered often but wait until soil is dry in between waterings. During the winter months, decrease watering as the soil will not dry out as quickly.

    THREE PLANTS THAT REQUIRE MORE ADVANCED CAREIf you already have a bit of a green thumb and some plant experience under your belt. Here are some options that I gravitate to.

    FIDDLE LEAF TREEThe Fiddle Leaf Tree is our favourite plant because of the statement that it can make in a room. This is a tropical plant so it needs to be placed in a nice warm area of your home away from direct sunlight, air vents and doors. We recommend placing it in a living room near a window but not in direct sunlight and make sure to rotate this plant when watering so that it grows evenly.You will need to mist this tree’s leaves once a week as they love humidity and water often (once a week or every 10 days depending on the humidity in your home). Keep the soil moist, but not sopping wet and remember to not over water.When you first bring the plant home, this plant may go into shock so be mindful to take care of this plant and watch the way the leaves react over the next 10-30 days as you may notice signs of drooping leaves or yellowing. The Fiddle Leaf Tree also needs to have good drainage. So, make sure to use a plant pot with this feature.

    DRACENA PLANTThe Dracena Plant can grow up to 3 feet in height indoors so it will need to be pruned as it grows to ensure that it fits the space.It loves moist soil but be sure to not over water. Overwatering this plant this plant could cause some of the leaves to die. A sign of this could be with drooping or yellow and brown leaves. Make sure the pot you purchase for this plant allows for good drainage. The Dracena Plant needs bright but indirect sunlight.BOSTON FERNThe Boston Fern is a great hanging plant. It can also be placed on a tall plant stand. similar to the Dracena Plant and Fiddle Leaf Tree, it needs lots of indirect sunlight and should be rotated occasionally to make sure that it grows evenly around. soil should be kept moist but not overly wet. Unlike most ferns, this variety is more content with dryer conditions. This is a great plant for more dry climates.

    WHERE TO BUY PLANTS AND MORE!In Calgary, our favorite stores for plants and stands are
  • Plant (inglewood)FloraworxCobblestone Garden CentreGolden Acre Home and Garden
  • If you live outside of Calgary, most cities have a local garden centre with knowledgeable staff. A quick internet search should garner you some options for your area.SHOWCASE YOUR PLANT AND POT STYLEPick something with some colour, texture, and personality to make a statement in your home!When you’re looking for plant pots, make sure that they offer good drainage options. There are some pots that are designed to be self-watering. Some plant pots even show you when it’s time to water your plants!Pick something with some colour, texture, and personality to make a statement in your home. Have fun with it!

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