A bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms in our homes, but its importance is immeasurable. That’s why we knew the stakes were high when we were trusted with redesigning the Davis Residence ensuite bathroom in their beautiful Heritage Lake home in De Winton. Having just relocated to Calgary all the way from South Africa, the clients wanted a calming, spa-like ensuite.

Bathrooms are a vital component of our daily routines. We begin our days there – quick, invigorating showers, double-checks in the mirror before heading out. We also end our days there – a relaxing bath after a busy day, our nightly routine of toothpaste and creams and water. A bathroom can set the tone for an important day and prepare us for a restful night.

Although our clients really love their home, the ensuite bathroom was not meeting their needs, and when we were invited to do a walk-through, we could immediately see why. The bathroom was dark and the awkward layout gave it a cluttered feel. The toilet was enclosed in a small room with odd angles, reminiscent of a stall in a public facility. This was definitely not an inviting space where one could unwind.

That being said, we could see the possibilities where others could not. To help our clients see the potential this room held, we offered visual representations of our inspirational ideas. We drafted CAD floor plans, custom millwork drawings, concept ideas and used 3D renderings to bring our ideas to life and make it easier for our clients to visualize the final product.

There were four main areas of importance in the redesign of the master ensuite: the toilet, the vanity, the shower and the bathtub.


One of the number one items on their list was to free the toilet from its dark enclosure and to add a bidet. To achieve this goal we relocated the toilet area to where the shower was previously situated, which left plenty of room to install the bidet. Instead of closing the toilet into its own room, we added a half-wall between the toilet area and the bathtub to divide the space while still allowing natural light from the window to flow unimpeded through the room.


With a cumbersome vanity tower occupying the centre of the double vanity, the counter space was unnecessarily divided and one sink was blocked from the natural light source. Uncluttering the design with a sleek new quartzite countertop and custom cabinetry by Prestige Custom Millwork made the space more inviting and perfect for the couple to connect during their evening routines. The modernized sinks with tall fixtures from Brizo’s Siderna collection added an elegance to the vanity, while the large uninterrupted mirror provided even more light to help make the bathroom feel larger and more open. Custom U-shaped drawers underneath the sinks and standard drawers between maximize the utility of the space, while the white rift oak in a dark espresso finish, with touch-to-open latches, add to the minimalistic elegance and beauty of the area.


The old jet tub was large, cumbersome and difficult to clean. Modernizing the space was necessary to add a serene, spa-like feeling to the bathing experience. We achieved this goal by adding the Voce Grande bathtub by Fleurco. Besides giving a sculpted, elegant look, the Lucite finish is stain and scratch resistant and easy to clean. Conveniently placed towel bars on either side make transitioning a breeze and the new half-wall lets in all the light the previous shower enclosure blocked from the bathing area. A distinctive geometric side table with a circular glass top adds a functional flair to the space.


The new open-concept shower was a huge step up from the old fibreglass shower. The large floor to ceiling glass panels open the shower up to natural light, while the quartzite bench and clean, modern porcelain tiling provide an upscale spa sensation. The natural flat pebble on the shower floor complements the overall warm natural grey colour scheme. We added generous shelving to ensure the shower never feels cluttered and an easy-to-reach towel rack completes the experience. An overhead rain head shower fixture combined with a removable hand shower allows for all-over body relaxation, especially after a cold winter day.


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If it weren’t for the before and after pictures, no one would believe this was the same ensuite Elle Cherie was tasked to transform. Relocating the toilet, adding a bidet, modernizing the bathtub, revamping the vanity and building a beautiful shower resulted in one of the most beautiful ensuites we’ve had the pleasure of working on.

From early sketches to 3D imaging to overseeing installations, it was thrilling to see our vision come to life. The only ones more thrilled with the redesign than we were was the Davis family, and we’re sure they will feel pampered in this beautiful ensuite bathroom for years to come.

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